Why is it better to rent an apartment than to buy a house


Question to rent an apartment or buy a home is probably one of the biggest today. There are many people who are on both sides of the fence, as well as many good arguments against both. The real answer has many different factors to consider. While you may think that owning a house is a good idea, there are many benefits of renting instead of buying.

First, consider what we have learned in recent years about the economy. While it may seem that things are looking up, consider how many people lost their homes or are excluded for now, whether it is because of loss of employment, investing in bad company , or using some kind of credit services , which went under the pay all that money into it. What you really safe in their work , and what happens if after you have started paying on the house and you get fired or laid off ? How do you keep coming up with mortgage payments?

There are many different reasons why renting an apartment now is much better than buying a house . For one thing, it´s cheaper to rent an apartment in the long term. If you are renting an apartment for $ 700 a month for three bedrooms, the same house would cost anywhere from $ 1,000 to $ 1,500 a month in mortgages, factoring, insurance and taxes. If you really want to invest in something , the difference between the rent and mortgage payments and invest in the stock market.

Why is it better to rent an apartment than to buy a house

Getting a loan for a house is a long and drawn out process. You must have excellent credit, a large down payment to get a good interest rate , and jump through a lot of goals . When you finally get to the house, then you are locked in owing someone a lot of money , and must continue to be that for years to come. With a lease, as long as you pay rent , you have nothing to worry about , and if the rent comes, you´ll have to choose whether you want to stay longer, or find a better one.

Owning a home means that you are fully responsible for everything that happens. If you are in, and sewer backup begins, you are the one who has to call someone to come in. If sewer guy finds a lot of roots in your pipes , then you have to pay to dig up your backyard , find the problem and fix it . If you are renting , it is not your responsibility. If something breaks in your apartment , such as a dishwasher , stove or or any other major appliance , you know what ? All you have to do is call the landlord and have to replace it.

With a lease, you do not have to worry about maintenance yard. Unless expressly stated in the lease agreement that you have to mow the lawn , it is the landlord ´s responsibility to keep and maintain the grounds . If there is a problem they have to deal with it , yeah. Sure you have to keep your personal space , but that´s all.

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